An Artistic Statement


I've lived my entire life in Maryland, on or near the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Craving adventure I've jumped out of an airplane, hitch hiked across Ireland, deciphered  Cyrillic train tables in isolated Czech train stations at 3 a.m., become a SCUBA diver, dined in Diocletian's palace along the Adriatic Sea, and hiked  through primordial jungles in Central America. One thing was always missing, a chronicling of the tale. A permanent record. That is when I fell in love with photography. 


I want to travel the world, recording the beauty this planet has to offer. I want to go where few people go. Take the road less traveled.

All works are original, are shot on location, and are real images. If there is a particular shot or piece from the gallery you find appealing, make sure to make contact.

Dubrovnik, Croatia  | 2013